How a rugby enthusiast could turn down the proposition of sun, sea, grass and rugby or Touch in Spain ?
2 different universes : Rugby Seven & Touch will converge together to spread an unique and fabulous tournament’s atmosphere !!! Rugby 7 & Touch, what else ???

The seven-a-side game, in which tackles are allowed, and Touch are fast-moving and suitable sports for boys and girls of +18 y.o. The fun of the sport and vibrancy of the environment, means that Rugby Seven and Touch have become one of the World Rugby’s favourite summer sports.

The games are fun, fast-paced and exciting !


Competition Rugby Seven Rules

All the Rugby Seven Rules are from the official World Rugby rules (Tackles are allowed) with the following modifications :

1.- Teams

On the field will play a maximum of 7 players and the substitutes can come in the field at any moment of the match when there is a break or interruption during the game (penalty, scrum, lineout, injury time etc …).

There is no limit of substitution.

2.- Insurance

It is the responsibility of the Team Manager to make sure that all persons travelling with the team, whether playing in the games or not, is adequately insured for any injury or sickness that may occur during their stay in Cataluña.

Neither the organizing Committee will not be held liable for any costs incurred from any injury or sickness to any participants of the Festival.

Team Managers will have to sign a document stating that all members of their group are adequately insured for these purposes.

3.- Motto

In all the rugby categories the organisation director will be the only person responsible to start and finish matches. Once the Festival Director has sounded the final horn, the referee will allow play to continue until play stops.

Then he will blow the final whistle.

Captains will be responsible for the behaviour of their players.

The organising committee is allowed to eject a team from the competition if that team is not behaving in a decent and proper manner on and off the pitch.

4.- Pitch

Matches are played on a Rugby XV field.

5.- Rugby Kit
All players must wear correct rugby kit with rugby shorts, rugby shirt and rugby socks.
Playing with metal/aluminium studs boots is totally forbidden on the fields.

6.- Match Time

The match will last 14 minutes with 2 halfs of 7 minutes.
The half-time will never last more than 1 minute.
The referee can allow extratime if the game has been stopped for injuries or other  incidents.

7.- Kick-Off

The player who is kicking-off must drop-goal the ball.
The opponents have to be at minimum 10 meters from the kicking point and the ball must pass through this 10 meters line.
If the ball is passing the tryline directly or indirectly, a penalty will be awarded at the halfway line.
After a converted try, the team who scored the try will kick-off from the halfway line.

8.- Scrum

The scrum is formed by 3 forwards, the hooker is linking the other 2 props putting his arms on their shoulders.
The scrums won’t be pushed in the veteran category.

9.- Lineout

Each lineout is formed by the thrower, 2 forwards and the scrumhalf.
The scrumhalf can jump in the lineout or can help to jump.

10.- Ruck

After tackling, when a maul or a player is going to the floor, the ball has to be released immediately.
The referee will be very strict with this rule.
A penalty will be awarded if the ball is not released.
If  there is a confusing ruck without any clear ball possession, a scrum will be awarded in favour of the defending team.

11.- Kick

The kick is allowed in all the pitch.
If the ball goes out directly from the field, a penalty where the ball was kicked will be given in favour of the other team.
You can convert a try only drop-goaling the ball.

12.- Off-side

The off-side line will be located at a minimum of 10 meters in any stopped ball situation.

13.- Penalty

The penalty can be kicked.

14.- Faults

A player receiving a yellow card must leave the pitch and won’t be allowed to play the rest of that game.
They will be allowed to play in other games.
After 2 minutes of sanction, the team will be allowed to substitute that faulted player with a new player.
A player receiving a red card will be sent off from the tournament untill the end of the competition.

They will not be able to play in any more matches.

15.- Draw

In the case of a tie in the league, the teams will be separated by the number of victories and then, the number of tries scored.
In Quarter finals, Semi finals and Final, at the end of full time, if the scores are tied, we will go to the penalty situation to choose a winner:

a. Series of 3 one on one penalties with attacker against defender.

The aim is for the attacker to score a try and for the defender to prevent a try.
The team who scores the most tries after 3 attempts is the winner.
The attacker will start from halfway line and the defender from the try line.
Once the attacker is tackled and one of his knees or his body touches the sand, the attack is finished with no try.
The attacking team will then switch to the defending team.
The captains must choose 3 attackers and 3 defenders from their teams.

A player can only attack or defend, not both during the 3 penalties.

b. After 3 penalties, if the score is a draw, we will go to sudden death.

16.- Points

during the match : Try: 5 points / Conversion: 2 points
for the league : Win: 4 points / Draw: 2 points / Loss: 0 points

There are no Bonus points


Competition Touch Rules

We will follow the Federation of International Touch (FIT) rules. Here are the main summarized rules :

1.- Teams

On the field will play a minimum of 5 players and the substitutes can come into the field at any moment of the match.

There is no limit of substitution, always respecting the number of 5 players on the field.

Option to add a 6th player if the 2 captains agreed it with the referee before the match.

The mixed teams have to show minimum 2 womens players (3 M+2 W) into the field at any moment of the match (3+3 if 6 players).

2.- Health Insurance

It is the responsibility of the Team Manager to make sure that all persons travelling with the team, whether playing in the games or not, are adequately insured for any injury or sickness that may occur during their stay in Cataluña (Spain). The organization committee will not be held liable for any costs incurred from any injury or sickness to any participants of the Festival.

3.- Tournament Manager

The Tournament Manager will signal and mark the beginning and the end of all the matches.

Once indicated the end of the match by the Tournament Manager, the referee will then stop the match as soon as the game will be interrupted by a fault, a lineout,

an injury etc … When the game is over, the 2 captains will announce the score to the Score Manager at the organisation area.

The Tournament Manager has full power to send off any team who will not have a decent behaviour in and out of the fields.

4.- Fields

2 Fields (Rugby 7 measures), Field nº 1 and nº2, will be divided in 4 Touch Rugby Fields.

The Touch Rugby Fields are approx. 55m long by 40m wide.

5.- Touch Rugby Kit

All the players have to wear the correct and allowed Touch Rugby costume with a touch rugby short, touch shirt with number, socks and sport shoes.

You cannot wear any metal/aluminium studs boots. It is prohibited by the grounds men and organisers. All players must use either plastic, moulded, rubber soles shoes for playing.

6.- Match Time

The match will dure 14 minuts with 2 halves of 7 minuts each with a break of maximum 2 minuts between each part.

7.- Kick-Off

The team starting will use a Tap to start = any player of the Attacking team places the ball on the ground at midfield, remove his/her hands completely and uses his/her foot to tap the ball forward at a distance of maximum 1 meter before picking up the ball to play.

The opposition must stay 10m back from the Mark and can’t move forward until the ball is picked up.

8.- Touch

The Attacking team has maximum 6 attempts or touches before possession changes unless other rules are infringed. At the 6th attempt, possession is changing. With minimum 1 hand, the player can touch any part of the attacking player’s body or part of the ball.

After a touch the player performs a Rollball, stepping over or gently rolling the ball between the feet. If one player is touched scoring a try, the try may be awarded.

9.- Rollball

Any player of the attacking team can get the ball after a rollball and can either run or pass. That player is converted in the DUMMY-HALF.

At a Rollball all defenders must retire or move backwards a minimum of 5m.

If the DUMMY-HALF gets touched a change of possession occurs and the game restarts with a rollball at the Mark.

The DUMMY-HALF can’t score any try.

10.- Dropped Ball / Lineout

Dropped or knocked-on Ball =Rollball at the Mark for the defending team. Lineout = Rollball at 5m from the lineout.

11.- Penalty

Late Pass (after being touched) + Forward Pass + Offside + unrespected Mark = Penalty = Tap on the Mark by the non-offending team.

Any player of the attacking team can play the Tap. Defending team = 10m.

12.- Faults

A player receiving a yellow card will have to leave the pitch and won’t be allowed to play the rest of the game but will be allowed to play the other games.

After 2 minuts of sanction, the team will be allowed to substitute that faulted player by a new player.

A player receiving a red card will be sent off from the tournament until the end of the competition.

13.- In case of Draw

If at the end of a playoff match (semifinal or final), if there is a draw and if we need to declare a winner, we will proceed this way to break the draw :

  1. 3 face to face plays serie : The attacking player will run from the medium line with the ball. The defender will be placed on the try line in front of the attacking player. When the attacking player is starting at running to score a try, the defender can leave his try line.

If the attacking player is touched, the attacking team is not scoring.

At the opposite, if the attacking player is scoring the try without being touched, then, the attacking team will score 1 point.

The attacking team is then defending in the following next attempt and the defending team attacking. And this until 3 attacking attempts for each team. The team captains will name 3 defenders and 3 attacking players before the serie.


2. If at the end of this serie, we still have a draw, then the draw will be broken through a sudden death extra serie.

14.- Points

During the match : Try = 1 point

For the classification : Victory : 2 points / Draw : 1 point / Defeat : 0 point (no bonus points)


In case of draw in the league final classification, the draw will be broken through the goal-average.